Does This Site Work?  

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7/25/2006 10:58 pm

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Does This Site Work?

This is a question I have seen over and over many times in the Advice Lines. Mostly from males, mostly from young(er) males. Well, that depends on how YOU look at the question.

Does this site Wink at others for you? Does it add them to your hotlist? Does it email others for you? Does it add them to your network?

The answer to that of course, is a resounding NO!!

Does it act as a place to initiate contact with others? YES!

Just like in the real world, you are only going to get out of it what you put into it. Now, I am not some know-it-all who knows all the answers, but, I do know what I have experienced since I have been on this site (a whole 20 days as of this writing). I have met (online here) at least six really nice ladies on this site. I am at the talking on the phone stage with two of them at this point. (If/when I get further along with any of them, well, that is nobody else's business, and won't be discussed here) There are several others who I am just getting into the first stage emails with.

All in 20 days! Less than three weeks!

Why? Communication, Respect, Honesty, Politeness, Manners. All of these are very important. Even if the lady's profile states that she is just looking for someone "to F*** her brains out", she still would like to see these kinds of traits from the man (woman)responding to her (well, most of them anyway! 99%?).

If you come across as a rude, ill-mannered horndog, your chances in most cases are - slim to none. No site is going to do you much good. If you are too lazy to write an email (and say something intelligent), your chances won't be too good, either. It's up to YOU to attempt to make contact. Even if that means just a wink, cause you are only a standard member. And there's another good point.

Guys, you vastly outnumber the women on this and I'm sure any other site like this. At least go for the Silver membership. You can do this one month at a time. This will let YOU write emails to them. At least now you can get the ball rolling. And it puts you one step ahead of those who can only wink.

I started out with a standard membership, and soon realized that I wasn't going anywhere with that. I upgraded to Silver and it seemed like all the doors opened up (well almost). I upgraded to Gold mostly out of curiousity (but will probably stay at that level).

Yes, sometimes the ladies will initiate things. But you still must get them interested enough to do so (seen your profile lately?). My first profile sucked big time. It was mostly canned phrases that didn't really fit me very well. But, it WAS truthful and honest. My first contact here was from a lady who lives 1773 miles away from me. We know that we may never meet, but, I have to wonder... What got her attention? My profile pic, my profile itself?

I have recently (within the last 2 days of this writing) updated my profile with information which describes me better and tells more about me. It's truthful, honest and shows a bit about my character. There was a lady emailing me this morning about how she liked my "cool profile". And she initiated contact. Wow, surprise! I didn't think I had done that great a job on it, but, it is a solid image of me.

The point here is: If you want to meet someone here you are going to have to try just as hard, maybe even harder, than in the real world. Because here, all these ladies have to judge you by, is what you say and show to them. And if all you show them is a dick picture, most of them are going to think you are nothing but a dick.

SirMounts 102M

7/26/2006 2:18 am

Some good advice, well conveyed.
Welcome to blogging, bohica.

catkit13 66F

7/26/2006 5:24 pm

hi again, friend - i've said this on my own blog: i sure don't understand this site! i can't wink back in reply to a wink, but sometimes the site will let me send an email to the winker (i'm a standard member only). then, a friendly fellow blogger commented on my blog that if i go into a chat room, i'm able to make more contact with men than otherwise (haven't tried it yet).
oh, well, i'll keep on blogging, and you do, too, and hope both of us continue to enjoy it, and the people we meet along the way, right?
bye for now, cat
ps - well said post, btw . . .

rm_1dee4u 60F
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7/27/2006 5:10 pm

Very very Good!!! I truly hope more men read your blog! Perhaps the message will get out there and there will be LESS dick pics!! lol

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