a poem  

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9/5/2005 5:22 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

a poem

i had this poem in my profile, and i didnt want to lose it, so i put it in a blog.

dont know what to put here, or what i'll try to say. will i feel the same tomorrow, or is it just today. if youre bored and lonely, youre feeling just like me. maybe we should talk a bit, and then we'll look and see. do we share a lifestyle, or are we oh so wrong. or do you really tingle when you make me hard and long. are you really hot to trot, or just a lonely girl. it doesnt really matter, cuz yer giving this a whirl. if you join my network, youll see more goofy pics. theres more to life than closeups of pussies, ass and dicks. i went back and looked at this, it seemed a little dumb. but when you're staring at a screen, your mind goes really numb. you might have had a tiny laugh, or thot i'm kinda whack. but it'll make it all worthwhile, if you will write me back.

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