The masquerade ball  

rm_bob4bob 37M
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7/29/2006 7:30 pm
The masquerade ball

Wearing the face of an angel I would aproach you weaving between the ladies and the men, the dancers and the drunks, my eyes capturing yours as I come closer and closer. Your face is a mystery hidden behind your mask only your eyes and the rising and falling of your chest betray your inceasing desire. I circle you hands reaching out to lightly carress your back, your arm, your neck, I capture your hand in my own, and bow low, before looking into your eyes and bringing your hand to my lips and laying a quick kiss into your palm. Turning you fingers over I bring them closer to my mouth and flick my tounge accross them, sucking your fingers into my wet warm mouth, mmmm. I arrise and pull you closer to me, arm behind your back hand resting just above the tight curve of your ass and our hips pushes impossibly tight together so you can feel the hard tightness of me pressing against your wet center. Your golden hair frames the mask so pale agaisnt the bright redness of your lips ’kiss me’ you whisper and so I do.

Leaning forward I press my lips agaisnt your own, gently at first and then harder as the passion builds, my mouth opens so very slightly and tounge comes flicking against your lips circling seeking a way inside pressing and searching until you relent and open your mouth and we both moan as our tounges touch and begin to duel.

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