It's been said..  

IliadWhetsScold 58M
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4/23/2006 7:47 am
It's been said..

that when one door closes another one opens. Trite, though true, and I've proven it to be true on more than one occasion.
Last day here. Glad to be moving on. I've felt like a guest in my own place long enough.Having to make the place look like Motel 6 before I leave each day because the house is on the market - that I won't miss.

Possiblities, possiblities, possibilties... that is what is in front of me. Keep that in the forefront of my mind - a real good feeling.

My mind is busy with the things I have to do today and what the near future will bring - rather energizing to say the least. I've really simplified my life since last fall and there is something very freeing in that - some days I swear I don't leave footprints where I walk.

I'm off to put today in motion, though I had to drop by here first. I may be offline for a couple of weeks - " Oh God no internet, how will I cope!"
In some ways it may be good - make me pay attention to some other things I have going that have been a little neglected.

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