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rm_bluefyre69 33M/37F
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8/15/2005 11:39 pm

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8/27/2007 8:21 pm

Surfing AFF...

Browsing AdultFriendFinder with lower inhibitions, hoping to find a few prospects so that I can chicken out and only read profiles without contacting anyone. Because I ask myself do I really want to watch my husband have sex with another woman? I really don't but at the same time I want to be open-minded and try new things.

seeyanekid 60M

8/30/2005 12:25 pm

I can understand your situation, only the reverse of it. My ex wanted me to have sex with another woman while she watched. I was unsure, for what ever reason it didn't seem right. I needed and wanted only her. Other women were not equal. Weird for a guy but it's the truth. Eventually she found someone who would play and then cleverly introduced her to me. I found out later that she told her what to do and say to turn me on. After a few social encounters over a month the gal did her work. I felt I was cheating but when two women are feeling you up and one of them is your wife, it's hard to resist. To the satisfaction of my ex, we did what she wanted as she watched and masturbated. She didn't want to do it again after that but we used it in some really terrific fantasies. Now, years later, I know that the incident didn't change my love for her. She could have found anyone out there to participate, but she didn't. She wanted only me to participate in her fantasy and it was because I loved her that much back, that I did it. Our divorce had noting to do with the sex or morals. I'd still make love to her today but I wouldn't take her back into my life for other reasons. Just take your time and decide for yourself if it is in your nature. Having sex is having sex, making love is cementing a relationship. Which are you being asked to do?

iwantu79912 54M
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9/8/2005 11:58 am

It is always hard to try something new. Maybe you have to take baby steps and start with fondling instead of having sexual penetration. It may be that you should have a guy there to masturbate you while he is with another woman so that you don't have to just sit there and watch. You don't say how you feel about playing with a woman yourself. I have had some experience fucking another mans wife while he was watching. It was a little strange at first because he just watched and masterbated. I was not turned on by men at all and the thought of playing with another cock didn't appeal to me until watching a porn movie with my wife. There were 4 guys and 1 woman. While two guys were fucking the woman the other two started touching each other. It just planted a seed of an idea that grew from there. Now when I meet with a couple that I know, we play as a threesome and it is great. I just think that it is only kinky until you try it. After that it's just FUN.

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