rm_blond_lise 46F
14 posts
1/25/2006 4:00 am

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2/5/2007 7:19 am



timberwolf6972 44M

1/25/2006 5:29 am

nice ass!

sassybelle21 32F
13313 posts
1/25/2006 5:44 am

Nothing *shrug*

rm_dude2playwth 62M

1/31/2006 6:07 am

Very Nice Ass !!! HOw can I assist?

rm_BJ1065 51M
2 posts
1/31/2006 5:03 pm

Well I do enjoy taking a woman. Can be hot to grab your hair and take you from behind and a few smacks on that ass in the bargain!

rm_blond_lise 46F

2/2/2006 4:22 am

i am glad there are some people that like that, i haven't met or heard from many that do.

BinetLeafyDials 47M

2/14/2006 4:15 am

well, the few that have been in to that which I have been with like it when clothing is torn off and hair is pulled and they are throwen down on the bed and just slammed. They also like it when its taken in public and the panties are just snatched to the side under the dress or loss fitting shorts etc... It is rather exciting if you can trust the other

rm_blond_lise 46F

2/16/2006 4:41 am

i think that would be very exciting!! Trust is the ket word

rm_phishy1 41M
1 post
2/16/2006 1:42 pm

Smack that ass, sounds fun!

rm_66869cmgm 59M
1 post
2/26/2006 6:50 pm i'm butt-fucking the daylights out of you!!!!!! >>!

ImpishOne2 54M  
21 posts
3/22/2006 8:29 pm

Absolutely fabulous, there is something very erotic and empowering about taking a woman from behind with a fist full of hair in hand. I know that some women enjoy the power transfer as well and love the idea of being "taken". Trust is certainly key, ass slapping fun is always a welcome addition to any encounter!

michaelb22 58M

4/3/2006 6:01 am

your hair can be pulled with a couple of different techniques both of which can give an extremely good rush and sexual energy. I would love to pull your hair while we are embraced, kissing, fucking over and over. Grabbing your hair close to your scalp, giving it short, but direct and strong pulls, but it doesn't hurt. maybe at the same time kissing your neck very erotically.

The other good way is by taking you from behind, pulling your hair with my cock buried deep inside you. And also reaching around to fondle your breasts with a smack on the ass or two for good measure!! Let me know what you think! I would love to hear from you!

nilvap2 44M

4/23/2006 4:57 am

Many people who like being over powered have jobs that where they are the decision maker/the power one and when it comes time for sex they want to be controlled great turn on oHH YEAH NICE ASS

anallover4UXXX 49M

6/12/2006 10:03 am

You're not alone. A number of women like to be overpowered -- especially when they are getting their pussy and ass pounded by a nice thick dick.

rm_tghockey 31M

6/16/2006 9:16 am

i would have to agree overpowering is very arousing.

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