I feel so dirty  

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1/11/2006 6:39 pm

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I feel so dirty

We had our 3rd encounter with our new found friends last night (Let me know if you want to hear about our 2nd night--it's by request only). This time we went outside of the house and into more platonic settings--make the excitement last even longer. I had already planned to take C out to dinner and some possible fun for his birthday, so we invited them knowing they would add fun to the night. I am so glad for it, it was an evening none of us will forget.

Dinner was great, filled with lots of food, laughs, and secret touches here and there. I was a little overdressed for that restaurant but I did not feel like changing clothes in the car. I dressed halfway between decent and slutty: short blue sequenced dress, knee high boots, and no underwear. C was dressed his usual conservative, handsome self--it doesn't take much for him to look sexy for me. Our friends were dressed nice and casual also; although my female counterpart had a sexy pink top with no bra that had me staring at her chest more often than not. Her hubby didn't make it any easier for me when he would quickly slip his hand in her top and caress her tits, just enough so possibly no one else would notice. At one point our respective spouses left to the restroom and he came to sit by me. He slyly placed his hand on my thigh and moved it up to pussy and felt nothing but moist folds. When C returned he jokingly asked him if he realized that his wife had no drawers on, and C promptly replied, “Do you really think I wouldn’t know?”

Our evening at the restaurant ended hilariously when a very old couple passed through the dining area. The lady was styling bright pink hair, tall pink boots and a mini skirt. They started teasing C that was the stripper they hired for his birthday. We left the place cracking up. I didn't feel so out of place after that.

From there we drove to the famous Adult Depot they had been telling us about. We took out time browsing through the videos, considering their selection of toys (I wanted a black leather whip which I plan to go back and purchase), and teasing each other. So far, I had not seen any other women beside us. The men finally purchase their tickets to enter the theater located at the back of the store. We walked into a hallway where a couple of men were standing around watching us walk in. We hear the sounds of moaning and groaning emitting from two doors. We walked towards the first entrance on the left. The little theater was dark and dingy-looking with about 6 rows of seats, possibly 6-8 seats across. The large screen was showing a couple having anal sex. There was an old man in one the middle seats fast asleep. There were a few men scattered on some of the seats and about 5 were seated in the very back. Some were also standing. All men. All shapes and sizes. Some had their dicks out and some were having their dicks sucked, by other men.

We stood against the wall near the entrance. I was leaning against my lady’s husband and she was against mine. My ass was rubbing against his crotch feeling his hardness. I noticed that she was facing my man while he was rubbing her ass. They whispered some information on some of the regulars they knew there, and we laughed at some the ridiculousness of our surroundings. After a while my attention was on the screen. I was admiring how well the girl was taking that nice size cock in her ass—too bad she faked her orgasm. Meanwhile, my lover was caressing my tits and had his hand on my thigh, bringing my dress up enough to show to all that I had no panties on. As I was getting ready for the evening I had flashes of the things we had already done with this couple and fantasizing of things to come, so when he touched my pussy his hand was suddenly wet. After a while, I turned and started caressing his cock that was now poking its head outside through the unzippered jeans. I look over and see C moaning while my girl was squatting, sucking my love’s beautiful cock. I squatted right beside her and had her man’s thick cock down my throat. I was oblivious to anything happening around me. I then reached over and ran my hand across her soft thigh and right to her lips, now so wet. That got me even wetter; I felt some of my juices run down my thigh. I opened my legs a little wider allowing a bit of cool air caress my pussy. She reached across and gave me the same pleasure. A little longer and I would have cum on her hand. But the aches in her legs gave in and she stood to stretch. As achy as I felt I couldn’t stop suck the thick cock between my lips. I wanted him to spray his cum over my face as everyone watched and stroked their own cocks. But I couldn’t squat any longer either. I was so hot and excited that we had to leave the place for some fresh air. As we were outside the guys told us some of the excitement we caused back in the theater.

We went back in after catching our breath. This time my lady and I honed in on each other. The men were on either side of us, a barrier between us and the perverts that had their dicks in their hand in anticipation for whatever was to cum. She and I caressed each other’s breasts, taking turns to bend over to suck on each other’s nipples. She felt so delicious. Her lips were so soft and it felt like she just wanted to swallow up my full lips. And as we felt each other’s wetness between our other lips and massaged each other’s buttons, I felt like I could melt on the spot. We got so heated that we had to stop, otherwise we would have been eating each other out on the floor. We left in a hurry.

On the way home, C caressed my pussy while we discussed the events of the night so far. I felt so dirty and nasty in that theater, I felt like a slut. It was such a turn on. I smiled in the satisfaction that I could cause such feelings of pleasure even in such a disgusting little place filled with only men.

At home, C took the babysitter home and our friends came in to make themselves at home. I left the room and when I returned she was on the couch over her hubby, sucking her husband’s dick. Unashamedly, I sat kneeled between his legs and waited for my turn. When she came up for air, I didn’t hesitate to run my lips down the shaft of this man’s thick cock. Have I mentioned how much I love sucking cock? I felt her move to the other sofa chair, probably to watch her man get sucked with as much love and desire as I do when I watch the same thing happen to C. I heard C walk through the door and soon after moans coming from the sexy woman on the sofa chair. I imagined that C was between her legs, licking her sweet pussy as I was sucking her husband. The thought sent my juices flowing. I stood and mounted my lover. I love the sensation of a thick cock sliding into my pussy, filling me so nicely. I rode him for a while until he made me stop so he can undress. That had me refocus my attention. C had pulled away from my lovely lady and I walked to the middle of the living room to lie on my back. I asked her to sit on my face which she did, no questions asked. She was wearing panties that made her pussy look even prettier. It's hard to describe except that it was a set of thin bands geometrically attached to create a panty (I'll ask her if she can take a pic that I can display).

Her juices were so sweet as it flowed between my lips and wet my face. She then had her husband get between my legs and slip his dick into me—filling me nicely again. Finally, she had C stand in front of her so she can repay the service her gave her. Delicious. I could only imagine what a spectator may be seeing. Disappointingly and pleasurably, her man pulled out and replaced his cock with his mouth. I wanted to tell him to get back in me but I couldn’t pull away from the sweetness of the pussy on my mouth. I could feel his determination to make me cum and I couldn’t help but give in. He made me cum so hard and sucked my juices so well, I was too sensitive for more. I had him stop which, unfortunately, made the others stop too.

We replenished our lost fluids and headed for more secure surroundings, as in our bedroom with the door locked. I was still unable to do more for the moment so I sat back and watched the rest of the events unfold. C fucked my lady from behind while she sucked her man and then they switched. C had me open my legs so he could look at my pussy while she sucked on his cock. I eagerly complied. Then her man asked me for the lube, to prepare her ass for dp. He began lubing her ass as well as his cock while she continued to suck C. To give my poor girl’s knees a rest, she laid on her back and C got right between her legs so he could keep pump her nice and hard. I loved to see her reaction to his cock filling her deep and hard. I couldn’t resist, I reached over and rubbed her clit to help enhance the intensity she was feeling. I lay beside her and placed my lips to her lovely tits and moved up to kiss her soft lips. Her husband was still stroking his cock with the lube and I think watching us kiss brought him over the edge. He had her open her mouth in readiness for him. I waited right beside her. He spurted his cum over her face and mouth, just like I wanted him to do to me in the theater. I licked her face and kissed her mouth, swallowing all the cum I could. C soon after asked us if we were ready to have more. He pulled out and she quickly moved to receive his cum on her mouth and face too. And I followed by licking and kissing the cum off her face.

I agree with her sexy friend, each of our encounters have been unique. And I am so glad to have found such like-minded friends. Thank you.

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