Let me love u!!!!!!!!!!!  

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10/24/2005 6:59 pm

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Let me love u!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets Do iT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Bring your love to me, don't keep me here at bay.
Show me in the words you speak, you mean all that you say.
I've waited for a lifetime, needing all you are.
Praying, hoping, seeking your love, wishing upon each star.

You finally arrived on the wings of an angel... you are my destiny.
I know your heart, I've heard your words, now bring your love to me.
My body aches to hold you, my lips need a tender kiss.
You've filled the needs that in my life, not knowing, I have missed.

We've shared our dreams and fantasies, which we can make come true.
I've touched your heart and you've touched mine, now all I need is you.
It would never go unmentioned, the beauty you are to me.
You'd never want for love, but you must be with me to see.

Each feeling of love, friendship, and desire are waiting to behold,
Loving caresses you'd feel each day, and feelings that can't be told.
We've found love in each basic way, now forward and consummate,
This love we know will grow and grow, before it is too late,

We both know that once we're together,
the ending will be written in stone,
We'll share our lives, in joy, in strife,
til one's last breath is gone

let me luv u!!!!!

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