Clothing optional!!  

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12/11/2005 4:08 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Clothing optional!!

ok I got an interesting situation. I am back into the dating world here. About a week ago I was a the F street bar and Humpy's. I had a great time hanging with friends and talking to many women having great sucsess with phone #'s and even made a couple of second dates.

This occasion I was wearing my work clothes. i love wearing them and the way they feel. Its the usual Suit coat slacks tie and shirt and shoes. nothing too fancy just approriate.

Well wearing my turtle neck style shirt and suit coat and slacks I met up with some friends at Koots to have some fun and hang out. The only thiing is I did not experience the same sucsess as I did the week or so before. I mean women not even wanting to inocently bump and grind. I couldnt make sense of it.

thinking of this I came to a conclusion that when I go to Koots I guess I wear a shirt (button up or a vanity T). and some jeans a hat maybe. Always have great sucsess with dancing and talking.

So why different?? Is there a unspoken dress code for meeting women between these two places???

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