the difference between winter and spring.....  

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4/4/2006 8:42 pm

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the difference between winter and spring.....

Wow..what a difference a season can make!
I was far too nervous to play with my new found blogging interest. Feeling far too intense feelings to risk describing them in such an publicly anonymous forum.
Winter is for contemplation I think.
To look outside, see the beautiful view but know in your heart its just too cold to go out and play when you're a home body.
Sit and warm your feet by the fire....
Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate..(and Amarula)...
Snuggle under a blankie with your Truest Love.

Who would ever wanna leave, really?
Til one day when the snow looks fluffy and inviting. One small step outside, you might even fall back and relax in it and before you know it...snow angels.
The most innocent things can turn your whole perspective around..just when you spent all this time figuring out exactly, precisely what you think you see in that beautiful, picture postcard, snowy scene.
One tiny little snowflake falls and you are struck with awe. Chase it out into the snow.
See where it takes you....
Snuggling by the fire is a great way to fight the winter chill...flinging yourself hellbent and crazy through the snowbanks is a blast.
The freedom to choose is a powerful aphrodisiac.
Is it not? My friends and snow angels.
Once again, sign me...Ms Bliss

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