RE-dont we all wanna get hookedup!  

rm_blazed616 37M
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2/4/2006 1:05 pm

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6/20/2006 12:19 pm

RE-dont we all wanna get hookedup!


hey evry one!me again
have had this idea floating thru my mind for a while now n here goes....
so many people cld not make tessy's meet cos of different reasons.
now am proposing this to end the whole issue. we wanna arange a something,something strictly for the group members here n its gonna be on the third friday of next month being feburary
this is for everyone that felt left out of the last one
vanilla i wld like u to be part of this ...tat chill is give blaze the thawing effect
gogo ...if u can leave ur tie for but a moment wont mind getting to meet ya too
ladies ............. this is open to all ya its gonna be a social thing we get to interract gist n drink ,well wateva play comes to mind is allowed
people you shld have no other excuse not to come except u have an intense dislike for me n if u do well i wont want you to come either.

anyone interested shld pls drop email addies someone wld get in touch with you n tell u wat to expect n wats expected of you
we are gonna make it work well this time around
almost two weeks start dropping ur addies holla !
less i forget yettybabe here is an avenue to shut fellas up,ladies remember its a free world if u want to comesignify and to qoute swat someone wrote earlier 'u wont be meeting no THUGS

controversy circles me!!!!

sexxyme2kplus 40M
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2/23/2006 7:58 am

Guy you no call my name and am a member of the group though I have been in Benin and been travelling a while but am back in Lag now and if any one for fit halla me i no for mind o' you fit hallo for jtapiya wey dey for ya ho dont ever come thanks

rm_blazed616 37M
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2/24/2006 11:42 am

if i tell u , i dint understd half of wat u wrote u wont belive me

controversy circles me!!!!

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