ORGASM!the mathamatical reason  

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7/13/2005 1:15 pm

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ORGASM!the mathamatical reason

i belive{this is subject to debate}that the rate of a man's orgasm is inversely propotional to that of a woman,translation-during sex the male gets to attain climax b4 the female for a few unfortunate ones its usually after less than ten thrusts,and this can be prety frustrating for the female ,and knowing brothas only a few f us are up and rearing to go almost immediately after climax ,and we wonder why we dont get to shag the female again!
right now most males refer to some sexual stimulants ,if its not alcohol,its drugs but the question here is this ,do they need it ,females generally expect incase of a highly sensitive one ,tend to buildup gradually towards their first orgasm,so brothas so u dont become a lame ass next time i advice the use of the tongue,which i have learn over the years is a very powerful factor when it comes to sex,just like in life ur tongue can either break u or make ,i am nigerian ooo and i know most of the fellas here feel its prude to go down on a gurl ,but its quite cool to reiceve head from them{wat a thot}i know a guy who broke up with his gurl cos she wont give him head till he returned the a person i have not only learnt to give head i have actually acquired a taste for it ,as in seriously i dont think i can get to have sex with a gurl without giving her head ,because i feel giving the head is the true consumption,and if she wants us to introduce a little kinkyness into it am game,be it mild machoism,alittle pain ,fetishess am aight ,as far as i dont have to stick a dildo or dick up my ass .no offence meant! esseintially i really know we have a whole league of feminine experience out there ,it wont really hurt to let a brotha know the ropes,who knows u JUST MIGHT BE THE NEXT PERSON FOR ME!

controversy circles me!!!!

rm_blazed616 38M
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7/15/2005 12:30 pm

no comments why am i not suprised

controversy circles me!!!!

rm_envy616 38M
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7/19/2005 12:43 pm

have i told u tat ,i consider u to being a crazy individual ,ur oreintation trips me

cuteasababydoll 65F

8/25/2005 6:54 am

this is the way i feel here about men eating a woman pussy as me as a woman i rather enjoy it but if the man know how to do it there are some men dont know how to eat a woman so they just might of well just get theres cuz it not happing with me and i do love a man who beleave in plzzzzzzzzzzzing a woman first and letting her get hers first and then there but i do love to plzzzzzzzz the man im with im am told that i have a real talient tongue and with the tonyre ring it just drive the man crazy when i give them head

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