No sex this week!  

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9/2/2006 10:14 am

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No sex this week!

Wooo~~ its a sunday!!! finally we've reached the end of the week. casting aside thoughts of the monday blues coming in the not so distant future, heres significant events(in my opinion) that happened this week.

1. fren's dad passed away. he committed suicide. i was speechless when she was told mi about it(while crying)on the phone.

2. sales figures doubled this month! Woo business good~ thx mediacorp and newpaper and all you buggers out there.

3. got a new design job by this big company(cant name sorry! =]). the pay is not THAT high but it adds to my portfolio ^_^

4. a new gal likes me.

5. another gal says she likes me. then i found out she has a bf. damn biach.

6. i accepted a design "disciple"!

7. didnt have sex

8. beginning to find sex BORING??? (any ladies wanna change my view of this? lmao) how terrible.

and thats it. well, for all I can remember. anyway, thx all u peeps who read thru this boring stuff!!! haha... will write sth more interesting on my nex post la! =]

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