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8/18/2005 10:03 am

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another day

I got a shipment in today that I really wanted last weekend. Something about being put on the wrong truck. Some of the stuff was ordered for people, so at least I made a few dollars right away!

My neighbor helped me out, she drove my car. I think I am still a bit drunk! I had almost forgotten how annoying small kids can be! Sweet kid and all, but when they aren’t yours they tend to be more annoying!

So here it is 11:33 a.m. my time! I have been on the run since 6:30 this morning! Delivered some radios to people! Neat small radios! TV band on them sell it! How can you go wrong for 7 dollars anyway!

When I go in to a workplace I remember why I hate that structured environment! Not that employers aren’t nice enough to me! They do allow me to come in! I am respectful of their time and don’t hang around or try to sell stuff. Some of the places that know me ask “what do you have new”. Of course I tell them! Normally I try to show up during breaks or lunch. Today is different because the stuff was late! Everyone seems so stressed out though! Even the smiles and polite conversation seems a guilty pleasure! I guess it is, because they are getting paid to work not talk to me.

One exception is the Boss. Small family companies that have been passed down from generation to generation. Those (mostly) men can talk forever! I have spent 90 minutes just talking about anything and everything! Let their employees do that and they would be all over them! Those same people enjoy looking at all the junk I have! Many times they buy things from me! When I say junk, it is mostly just fun cheep things! I’ve had employers buy things from me just to give to all their people! That’s great for me! Maybe it does bring them pleasure to “give” a smile to their people!

I’ve been offered sales jobs at several places around town here. Some are really tempting! The thought of regular money does tempt me! I am honored and a bit embarrassed when offered jobs! Because I am bipolar I have never felt all that good about myself. When someone asks me to work for them, it feels good! I am honest with them, I like to take a few days off at a time, I am moody, I don’t like to be told what to do, and I work best alone! You know, some still want me! I really don’t think they get it!

My life is not secure! I walk on the edge most of the time. My bank account is a joke! I am able to keep the minimum to keep my checking free, and I pay my ONE credit card on time so my rates are low, but I never know from week to week if I will have any money! How could I ask, or expect a women to put up with this sort of life?

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