Really.. life and times  

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8/13/2005 2:43 am

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Really.. life and times

Listen guys and gals! I have had a wonderful sex life! No person could ask for a better sex life than I have lived!

You know though, the people I have cared most about have died. It is an empty feeling, a might have been feeling. Unfair really!

All I really want is a friend, someone to hold on to during the night. A friend to be there when I have a nightmare, a woman to bring me back to reality! Honestly, I have had understanding women in my life, just not understanding enough to cross the gulf and visit Mexico!

In all my year on boats, I have never sunk one! Came close a few time!
One woman that I have really never gotten over left me in 1985. We were in a storm, there was no where to go, so I went in to it. My 38 foot Chris craft was well built. My 4 bilge pumps were pumping out water not fast enough! I really thought we were going to sink! I had two Chryslers 318 engines putting out over 500 h.p. between them. I accelerated in to the waves. Then suddenly the water would drop out from us! My 20 thousand pound boat dropped out from under me, and crashed in to the water! Every thing that wasn’t tied down was crushed! After three days of fighting these waves and wind, and over 300 gallons of fuel, the wind stopped! I slept for two days! My lady took our skiff and left. She said she never wanted to experience that again.

I spent the next two years sort of wandering around. The first storm I went though gave me confidence in my boat! Let me tell you, no one builds a better boat than Chris Craft!

Over the months I would up going to Mexico, panama, and Honduras! I went thought other storms, really never as bad as the first one! I met women. Even an old Chris Craft is impressive! Mine was a Chris Craft Corsair

I the last years since the Chris Craft I have had two Carvers. Man they are stable boats! I have crossed waved in a carver that only made them waver, where the Chris Craft would have been a handful!

• I took my last Carver down the inland waterway! I mean the Mississippi! let me tell you, Carvers s are made for off the sea, so on a river hey are very stable! Nothing causes then to be off center!

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