I got more responses about marijuana than any other thing  

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8/17/2005 11:21 pm

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I got more responses about marijuana than any other thing

What surprises me most is people have no idea of what marijuana is!

Young people tend to believe what our government has taught them.

Older people seem to remember refer madness, sponsored by our friendly alcohol companies.

People my age seem to remember the 70s when Pot was fun!

Pot was grown all over Indiana during WWII to supply the great fiber for making clothes and rope out of!

Some history; in 1933 the alcohol companies banned together to lobby our government to make pot illegal! It is easy to grow and was cutting in to their profits. Before 1933 is was OK to get high on pot!

Marijuana has never been proven in Nemours government studies to make people aggressive. In fact if you read the government reports on the effect of marijuana on people you will find that the government declares use of marijuana is a harmless drug.

Marijuana has enough oil to be refined in to gasoline to make the United States free from all other sources. The cost of producing gasoline is about 30 cents per gallon of oil@ Add the governmental tax, and gas would still be under a buck a gallon!

Marijuana is a renewable resource! Unlike corn it takes very little nitrogen to grow! In fact, marijuana will survive and prosper where other plants can’t.

13 million acres of pot would supply all the gasoline Americans use per year! To put that in perspective. About 1/1000 of our farm land would be need to produce all the oil America needs

if you really want to lower the price of gasoline there are two things you can do! One is to write our government about producing oil based plants. The second is to not drive for two days a week!

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