Couple of Vodkas, all I want is to read blogs~  

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8/15/2005 1:45 pm

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Couple of Vodkas, all I want is to read blogs~

Sister’s birthday lunch went well! Our parents were there along with one of my sister’s five daughters. Her other 4 daughters are all over the states right now and couldn’t make it. My son is working.

I had Vodka double after lunch which made me just high enough to not want to do anything but watch DVDs and read blogs! Both Vodka and Blogs can be addictive when not done in moderation!

Good news is a deal I have been waiting to come through did! Actually makes my month, all two weeks left of it! I don’t have to be as worried about rent, food, stock and all!

One thing I will say about my lifestyle is that I have so much more freedom! No security, but sweet precious freedom!

Can you imagine telling a “structured corporation” manager that I am taking a two hour lunch and might not be back for the rest of the day? I’ve had one or two jobs in my life that I could have gotten away with that once or twice, but not any time I like!

On the other hand, I spend many nights until the wee hours in the morning looking for that next deal, or next product, or wondering if I will get that deal I bid on!

I know many of you will not understand this; if I am able to make enough in two months to live the next ten, I will spend the next ten months only looking for the deals that will allow me again to not work so hard again! I sometimes work harder at not working than anyone I know working!

I think when I am on my deathbed; broke no doubt, I will not miss gaining the material things. I hope instead to leave remembering the days spent with young lovers, days on the sea, times of rest and joy!

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