August 11, 2005 another wasted day  

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8/11/2005 4:58 am

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August 11, 2005 another wasted day

I drink too much last night, still high! Miss the days I could smoke pot and no one knew! Now days they search your body as if it weren’t privet property! WE would yell and scream if our employers wanted to search our house, but a pee test, well OK!

I haven’t really written anything in years! Remember Packwood? Only you older people remember Packwood, a government elected official that was busted for his journals. Thought then, never again! This however is a place I can rant and rave, not to be taken too seriously!

I’m trying to earn a living buying and selling stuff. (sometimes selling then buying) I don’t work for a company or a corporation. There is a certain freedom in being on the fringe of the system. Like today.. I am too drunk to show up anywhere! By noon or so I will be sober, and then I might work until midnight! When my son was young I worked a normal job, mad really good money after ten years or so. Hated it! When my son moved out, I went back to being me! ( 4 years of collage included)

Did you know, at least in Indiana, there is a hawk vend and peddlers license that allows veterans to sell things anywhere in the state? So much better than a business license! Having this, I can go to festivals back my Mini SUV up and just start selling! Police approach me all the time, I hand them a copy of the Indiana law and they leave. Mostly I sell trinkets, cigarettes, and novelties. I do sell high end things like houses, HDTVs and cars too, but not from the back of my truck!

As far as being here on Adult Friend Finders? I am kinky in a conservative way! Not in to very casual sex, but am in to sexual freedom with people I know! Maybe someday I will meet a lady who understands my free wheeling sort of life. If not, then it’s OK! I like my life now!

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