more progress  

rm_bisubboy13 41M
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8/10/2006 9:16 am
more progress

Well, I finally came. It was nine days without, but I spoke to E--- over IM this morning, and he had to cancel our rendevous this afternoon. Since it's going to be another week before we can meet, he gave me permission to cum, twice, before next Thursday. I promptly did, once, not entirely of my own volition. The progress is that after I cum I usually am completely uninterested in sex for about half a day. But, this time it only took me about a half hour before I had another raging hard on and my mind had become completely one-tracked again. This is a good thing; it's a step on the way to becoming an insatiable slut.

BTW, is there any need for a mood listing other than "horny" on these posts? I don't see the need.

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