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8/6/2006 5:48 pm

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(For those unfamiliar with running terms, PR stands for personal record.)

Well, I did it, and by a large margin. I broke my PR for long-term butt plug wear. Put it in at 2:30 pm yesterday, after I got back from S----'s place, and didn't take it out till 9:40 this morning. Over 19 hours! My previous best was just over 12 hours.

I think I had an an erection about one-third of that time. It's different when I've cum recently--then I can usually stay relatively flaccid. But when I'm abstaining, as I am now, just the thought of a plug gets me hard, as I am now.

I was abstaining because I was in a semi-master/slave online relationship with J--, and he was holding control over my orgasms. But since I've told him I won't meet with him without his wife's consent, I haven't heard a peep from him online. So I'm currently abstaining for E---, whom I'm meeting on Thursday and who ordered me not to cum until then. Really, I look for any excuse not to cum.

I think this PR will stand for a while, because it's about the max I can do, physically. I gave myself 6 enemas to completely clean myself out around 11 am yesterday, and by the time the plug came out, it was nearly time for another bowel movement. So I guess I could stretch it to about 23 or 24 hours by putting the plug in right after an enema session. And then there's the extended long-term record, when you wear a plug 24/7 except to have a bowel movement for a number of days. I might have to take a stab at that one soon.

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8/6/2006 7:39 pm

I don't blame you for not meeting this person without the wifes knowledge. Those types of relationships typically don't get off to a good start. Welcome to BlogVille, boy.

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