Why did I come to AFF!!!  

rm_billb_69_98 56M
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9/16/2005 3:08 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Why did I come to AFF!!!

Why??? Let's see; I received and email telling me I needed to check this site. I fell for it.
When I brought the site up I found it was a site to meet people with the same sexual desires as me. I could cut through the BS and get right to the whole reason. The people putting their adds would not be shocked at what I was looking for. I'm not a partier or someone that hangs out at bars. My life is pretty full with work and my interests so I had high hopes of going straight to the meat (Sorry ladies, that IS NOT a aimed at you.) of what I wanted. I didn't want a relationship, I didn't want to offend any one and I could present myself just exactly as I am with out being criticized, shot, beat up, slapped or arrested. I love women and I love sex. I'm addicted to sex. Not in a bad way and I do have that under control. It surprised me at how many women and couples were also posting. All kinds of ladies and couples. At first I was a "standard member" but after reading adds I felt my chances were better if I became a premium member so that is what I did. I thought my best chances were for me to fill as much information about myself as I could. That way people would have a good picture of me. I answered all the questions, took all the quizzes and polls. There seemed to be a lot of women and couples with the same interests as me. I placed my add and began browsing the local listings. Every time I found an add that seemed to be very compatible with my interests I would add them to my "hotlist" and send them a wink. After a day or two I started actively seeking out the people I had in my hotlist. Then I waited. I went into the chat room and chatted. The chat is so fast that only small responses could be made and responses back might be missed. I met some nice people that gave me encouragement and I even had 1 lady check my profile and write to me and 1 couple do the same. Mean while I waited for my responses to my hotlist people. Nothing. Of all the people I wrote to only 1 sent back a response and it was one of those "auto replies". In the chat room I got a few to check my profile and tell me what they thought I might do to improve it. They did and said I had a very nice profile and nice pictures. No face picture but a view of the rest of me. The face picture could come after contact with interested people. So I waited some more and I chatted. Still nothing. I started looking at some of the adds closer and this is what my thoughts were....Women wrote "Do not want a relationship" but reading further they also said things like "I'm looking for some one that wants to spend time with me. Some one that can be that special friend. Some one that wants more than just sex." Now that sounds like a relationship to me. There is nothing wrong with that but it broke my happy bubble. I don't want a relationship. A friend is great but I'm here for sex. Most of the adds say they don't want people that play games. My add says "I don't play games". Maybe not in those words but if I was playing games would I go into such detail in my profile? People from the chat room that did check my profile tell me I have a nice body. I take care of my self and I am in a healthy pleasant looking state. Is that the problem? Are women and couples intimidated by that and think that I wouldn't be interested in them? In my profile I said, very truthfully, I don't judge peoples bodies or faces. I just like people for who they are. Is it my age? Does that scare them away? A man 45 is over the hill, can't get it up, can't last very long, looks old. 45 isn't old. A lot of us over 40 could put younger men to shame. We have more experience, we aren't in such a rush to reach that "climax". We know how to play with a lady. Bottom line is.....I don't have a clue any more why I came to AdultFriendFinder.

liquor_and_poker 47M
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9/19/2005 8:27 am

Sadly, you have just described the exact thoughts of many, many, many men on here (including myself). This has been an incredible watse of time and money for me.

To top it all off, a growing number of accounts for women are complete spam. They are set up to get you to go to their website. There are far fewer women in "your area" than you think because they are not actually for real. AdultFriendFinder needs to do ALOT more to combat this!

As for alot of the women that ARE for real, I agree with you that there are other sites out there for dating anf relationships. I thought AdultFriendFinder was a sex and swingers site. Sure, ltr's have probably grown from connections on here, but I didn't think that was the purpose of the site. Or at least what many of us THOUGHT was the purpose of the site. The main purpose is apparently to line someone else's pockets while dangling the distant hope of hooking up with someone sexually compatible in front of our faces.

Sorry, I just had to vent a little!!!!

Good luck to ya.

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