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What are my thoughts about women??? So very many thoughts. How do I put down in writing how I really feel inside and have that feeling come through to others? A good way to describe my feelings when I think of women is like being wrapped in a soft warm comforter on a cool evening watching a beautiful sunset high in the mountains in the fall.
I don't understand being gay. I don't look down on them or have any ill feeling for them in the least. I can understand being "bi" but how could any one, man or woman, not desire to touch the softness of a woman. Just the physical difference is a joy. But "NOT" a desire to be close???
I've never felt that women were any less than a man. There are things that are suited better for a man just as there are things that are better suited for a woman. I was very nieve until into my 30's before it sunk into me that women were treated less than men in a lot of ways. They weren't thought of or treated any differently by me than I treated another man. When need be, women can handle any situation as well as a man.
I think women think differently than men out of necessity. Pregnancy and things like that are one of the reasons but I think a majority of the reasons are caused by us men. We seem to have this machoness rather than a feeling of being a partner with another human being and sharing life.
I do not know if it is a proven fact but it seems very much to me that men are visual beings and women are mental beings. Now every thing I've said and every thing I say does have it's exceptions but I'm talking about what I see every day in my life. To most women sex is the whole package. The orgasm isn't really all that important. Oh it is enjoyed greatly by them but it isn't the target they seek. It's getting there they crave. The trip, the sights, the smells, and the 'thoughts'. To most men it's the climax. Men enjoy the playing but that's just a way of getting to the ultimate goal, a great climax.
Maybe I have more woman in me than I know or than most men because I crave the trip. Damn! A woman right there in my hands?!! The soft skin. The soft curves. The gentle female smells. I could spend hours exploring a woman's body. What a wonderful thing to be handed to me this living member of the opposite sex. Most of the time the climax is the last thing I'm thinking about.
Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that I think there is any thing wrong with hot, wild sex. On the contrary. Thoughts of sex and enjoying a woman's body dominate my life and I do not feel it is wrong to desire a woman just to have sex but not just for the climax. I can get a fantastic climax looking at porn and masturbating. As a young single man I spent time in the Marine Corps. I spent time overseas in combat. Sexual relief was few and far between. At times I relied on a prostitute. But even those women I thought of as gentle wonderful encounters. I've been with women that were into hot nasty sex as much or more than me. I've never thought badly of these women and I consider it an honor and a gift that I was allowed to share their bodies.
I don't know if I've ever been considered a great lover by any woman but I've never had a woman tell me that I was a bad or inconsiderate lover. I've always been an extremely attentive lover. When each person is having sex they are doing the things that please themselves. I guarantee that when I have sex it is ALL, EVERYTHING, 100% about my pleasure. As It should be for each person. Sounds cold?? I didn't say I do only the things that please "me". What I mean is...every thing about sex with a woman is wonderful so I leave my mind open and follow little hints she is giving me. Looks, sounds, touch's all tell me things. I kayak Whitewater rivers. I don't fight them. I follow their curves and little hints as to where the river wants to take me. Some times, with the rivers permission, I go against the obvious course. I have to keep my mind and body always observant of places that are forbidden. That is how I enjoy sex with a woman. The river doesn't always want me to take the straight and easy course. It's a living thing. It gets pleasure from my challenging it some times. I know I can not go where the river forbids me but I go as far as the rivers little hints tell me I can go and no matter what the ride is like, I enjoy it to the fullest. The same goes for women. Some women just want me to follow the smoothest course. A gentle ride with no surprises but at the end we both enjoyed the trip. Some women want more than just to let me slip easily down the stream. They want me to find the dangerous places, the exciting different, unusual places and ways to go. How ever the adventure goes, the journey is what it's all about. Like arriving at the take out on the river, the climax means the adventure is over. And like the rivers I long to enjoy, I long to enjoy another adventure with a woman. AAHHHHHHHH, WOMEN!!!!!!

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9/16/2005 12:45 pm

I couldnt of wrote that any better myself thanx for the insight

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