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8/24/2006 10:10 pm

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let's talk about

my camaro I'm the owner of a 67 coupe rs/ss clone in the process of being restored as money allows. this car is both A joy and A reminder of a rel. gone bad it was her dream, her car and now I'm stuck with it 13,000 in it and at least 8 more to go to make it perfect complete off frame restoration and I can't stand it any more haven't worked on it in months it just sits there a constant reminder of failure. but thats not the cars fault all it wants is my love and devotion and it will produce. I have a 454 motor that needs built already got the tranny done basically just needs just needs put together to be a good driver, a good 650ft lbs of torgue driver. with a 12 bolt rear end and 350 tranny or power glide i have both for itdid a lot of work on it new floor pan rear quartes, top ,trunk deck,drop spindle front end ,beefed the brakes up with power disc and a new radiator new springs to hold the big block and much more changed from column to slap stick shift 2800 stall found a virgin block that i bored 30 over roller cam and aluminum flow thru intake demon carb 750 double pumper man will this thing run got the fist coat of orange paint on rear spoiler i'm starting to get pumped gonna tub the rear end (mini) so i get enuff rubber to hold it down hoping for high 10's when complete ok i'll build it but who will drive it... any takers thought it would be a nice stab to give it to my next ol'lady to drive nope no hostility here HEHE' ok maybe a little but me and that car are golden...looks like i'm gonaa have to finish it may-be i'll sell it or wreck it but whatever I do it's mine all mine I know that sounds petty but I'm not the one who walked out. I was there 100% committed even faithfull for once well twice in my life not to bad for only hving three committed rel.me and this car are gonna go places (fast )
maybe too fast but who cares. it's getting built the right way my way the only way.... It's alway been my way or the highway why i got hung up on this one I can't tell ya she was no different than the others but it was hard to let it go maybe I still haven't who knows I know she's dead to me at least her heart is and that was the part I loved not her anger but what I saw on the rare occasions I could see past it..she turn out to be fake in her heart and in her words her past trama's dominated her life and I've been thru some horrible things but I was able to overcome them she the one i loved so completely was not and it ruined us... so now here I am not wanting to do it again ever just give me friends and only a few so that i can continue down this road of life ..... that was some sentimental shit right there but straight from the heart.;....

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8/25/2006 6:39 am

Self reflection is always good for the soul.

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thanks for stopping by your comments are alway welcome

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