First AFF encounter......  

rm_bigwired 45M
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7/14/2005 10:52 am

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9/24/2006 7:19 pm

First AFF encounter......

Made a new slave today, met up with this very nice looking woman from AdultFriendFinder that wanted to serve under me last week and i made her mine today.

First i had her strip down to nothing, stand infront of me, I set down the rules that as my slave she should never wear any clothes when we are in private, and in public (with me) she should never have any underwear on. In private she should be on all fours unless i say so. I made it very clear that this was her choice and if she wanted out now is her last chance before i made her my loving slave.

Nat got on all fours rubed up against me and wispered Ps make me yours MASTER.

I took her and got all my toys ready for her, first i showered her soaping and feeling her up cleaning her body touching....... tasting

When she was all clean, I explained that as her i have control of her pleasure as well as pain todays session would focus on pleasure. I made her put on her panties and inserted a remote control vibrator into her wet cunt. I took out a bottle of honey and had nat rub it all over me and give me a massage. When i felt good i turned her vibrator way up high....

I then tied her hands behind her back and had her lick the sticky mess from my body. That time i was so hard, i had her rim me suck my balls never letting her touch my cock. all this time i had control of the vibrator

After i was cleaned i removed her panties and i could smell her sex hot and wet. I squeezed her tits and she moaned in pleasure. I kissed nat and could feel her trying to rub her sex on me.

I pushed her down and stuck my cock doggie down her love hole in two strokes she came i could feel her cunt trying to squeeze me. I pumped harder before long she came again.

I than stuck my cock into her mouth she sucked like a hungry baby i came a full load into her mouth, then i kissed her feeling the taste of her juices and my cum........

Next week i teach her the pleasure of pain....

terrier99 59M

7/16/2005 1:12 am

Looks like you are a real hard fucker. Care to share some girls with me.

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