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7/14/2006 1:34 am

Hey. my name is Timothy or Tim for short. I am looking for a beautiful African queen who is in to white men. I am 24 yrs old, 6 ft 1 in tall, baby blue eyes, and 176 lbs. You might not guess but if it weren't for an 18 wheeler I would have been married to a beautiful black woman. My taste in women comes from living in Louisiana for 11 yrs. I just moved to North Carolina about 1 month ago. During my stay in LA I lived in predominately black neighborhoods and loved every min. of it. 96 percent of my friends were black.I am also looking for someone who likes the simple things as well. Things such as full body masages, cuddling on the couch when it rains,and just enjoying each others company. I am not a rich man but, I have plenty of love and affection to offer.As far as other descriptions go I have got what God gave me and haven't had a complaint yet, and have only dated 2 white women in 11 yrs. Well, enough about me, I guess I will say good bye for now. Tim

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