Come to the apartment .... part two  

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3/10/2006 3:33 pm
Come to the apartment .... part two

I was watching out the back door for them. My heart was beating with excitement. He told me his lifelong best friend was in town and he wanted me to meet him. I knew they were tight and I was a little nervous about meeting this guy. They had been friends for over 30 years and if this guy didn't like me it could be a problem. I saw them coming up the street, they were laughing about something. I opened the door and they quietly slipped in. My guy wrapped his arms around my waist and I slipped my arms around his neck. I saw his friend grinning when my guy kissed me long and deep. There were a few words of introduction exchanged and then my guy was kissing me again. His friend had moved around behind me, moved up close against my back, I was tight in between them. He reached up behind me and grabbed me breasts. I was surprised and looked up at my guy and he was grinning and winking at his friend. Before I knew it there were fingers in my pussy. Who's fingers? I wasn't sure? I liked the feeling of being between these two. It seemed they had done this before, they seemed to communicate between them with out speaking. Both of them grinning and their hands moving over my body. This went on for several minutes, I liked it, I didn't want to stop, but the kids were sleeping right above us. They had me very very worked up, pressing me in between them. They had to go, I kissed my guy goodbye, a long, deep, loving kiss. His friend looked at me and said "what about me?" I looked at my guy and he smiled and nodded his approval. I wrapped my arms around his friends neck and kissed him, a long, hard kiss. My guy kissed me again and they slipped out the back door and went walking up the street, laughing again. My heart was still beating and my pussy was dripping! I didn't think there was going to be any problem with this guy not liking me!! It is going to be a interesting couple of days!! To be continued......

FlsextoyLet 60F

3/21/2007 10:20 pm

hi the same friend of luis meet me and hem and we do it all

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