This site.. Help me out if your willing  

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3/16/2006 10:33 am
This site.. Help me out if your willing

Having been present on this site for the past months I have discovered many things and I'm hoping others can help me. I requesting this help in the most part to ensure I'm to the extreme in my thinking.

Although when my friend told me to sign up giving this site a try I told her she was crazy, but she of course has never experienced the same things. (being female)

The first question then is have any other men found that (from my experience) approx. 80 to 90 percent of the female postings on the site are not real, just a photo of a great woman. If you send them a email you then receive an address that links to a pay site. Sites where you would never locate a lady maybe build a connection or spend time with in the future. Am I on the wrong site, doing something wrong or what?

I do want to recognize the beautiful women I have spoken to on the site and thank you each for the notes sent because they are what have kept me here.

So I start to ask myself should I stay or should I go? Then out of the blue (what appears to be) a "REAL" beautiful woman emerges once again from the beyond. Providing me hope and the desire to stay and learn more.

I know each and every lady on this site must just get flooded with emails from all types. But what about us good, honest men (somewhat funding the site), trying something new and just looking for someone to spend time with?

So my remaining questions are for you ladies, please help me out if you can.. How many emails would you like to receive (if there is a number) before you respond, or when do I "look like stalker man"? How much information would you like to see? Do you really want to see a photo of a penis or would a face be better? And does the endowment section of the profile somewhat ruin the surprise, like having all your gifts at Christmas under the tree unwrapped?

Let me know your thoughts

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