city centre - the beauty ... continued  

rm_bigguy35 47M
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5/18/2006 9:45 am
city centre - the beauty ... continued

My gaze was stuck, as a computer gets hung and required a touch from behind to end. It was a friend, I wished him in a hurry and brushed past not caring for his comments, after all I had more important work to attend to. I foloowed my lady, there she was ahead of me with her boyfriend, but that did not stop me, after all cupid had emptied his lot of arrows into my heart and the effect was blinding. Her beauty had stung me right at my heart. There she was, I wanted with all my heart, to walk up to her, hold her hand, look straight into the dark deep eyes and confess my never ending love. But something was stopping me, telling me thats not right now.
I decided to listen to my heart. My hurried steps took me close up behind her, her skin was bright and ivory, gosh!! I walked past her briskly, this time avoiding direct eye contact, looking out of my side view, is she noticing me? But no she was not, it made my heart go dry with pain. She had to be mine, I wanted her, and she had to belong to me. I could not stand her in someone else's company. My planning had just started. ..... to be continued.......

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