City Centre yesterday  

rm_bigguy35 47M
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5/16/2006 9:35 am
City Centre yesterday

It was cool in the evening, late a bit, and I wanted some time to relax. It appeared that stopping over at city-center for a cup of tea could be a good idea. After all the crowd there is one of the best in Kolkata. The tea was hot and spicy, so was the crowd. I just stood there sipping and ogling. The girls were in all shapes and sizes, good looking ones, great looking ones and then the simple ones, but all were girls and hence had to have one feature or other which was attractive.
This one was wearing a tight tube top, bright red coloured and was looking very flashy. It was the colour which caught my attention in the crowd. The colour seemed to pull ur eyes in the milling crowd. Closer, well she knew how to carry herself in that bright dress and was enjoying the attention she was catching. The figure was impressive, heavy at the right places, small again so. The eyes were the last to catch my gaze, but it was a stunning pair she had.
The moment she came close I was stunned by her eyes, the elongated almond shape, with long shapely eyebrows. She had used adequate mascara on her impressive lashes. I didn't realise but my gaze was so deep that I had begun to disturb her unruffled self. Her companion too had started to notice my "leching".
But I could not help but look at her briskly stroll past me, I kept looking at her as she walked past. Gosh I said to my self, she must be at least 5' 9" tall, with skin as glowing as hers she did not need the great face and eyes. But yes the eyes were absorbing, deeply stunning, they caught your gaze and forced a continuation. The large black eyeballs simply completed the killing effect.
She had just past me and I could not tear my gaze away still, continued......

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