wow i din't know that hummmm  

rm_bigguns4u2ho 39M
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9/8/2006 2:45 pm
wow i din't know that hummmm

i was just reading my new book. the complete kama sutra. i had no idea that men and women have classes based on size. (sexual organs) first men as follows: a hare, bull, or a stallion. women are: a doe, mare ,or cow-elephant. in that order 1 2 3. meanig a man who is a hare will be better suited for a woman thats a doe and so forth. a hare is about 6 fingers in lenth side by side. the bull is 8 and the stallion is about12. so a man who would be considered a bull would be better suite for a woman that is a cow elephant. thats one big pussy! no womder why some guys can't please there woman.

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