Yeah but no but yeah but no  

rm_biggun54321 38M
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8/28/2006 4:38 pm
Yeah but no but yeah but no

Hey gang!

Hope that everyone is well! I'm pretty good - but just had that first very f*cking annoying feeling of the "couldn't be arsed" rejection.

I won't name member names, but was chatting to this girl for the past couple o'weeks about meeting up. We decide to meet on Sunday - "great!" says me. All I need is an address/location and I'm good to go to get some action!

Come Saturday the promised txt/e-mail doesn't materialise. Come Sunday - nothing. Nada. Not a murmur. So I've had my hopes dashed, just as I was getting rock hard. I hadn't touched my cock for days - 'cos I was building up a huge wad of cum to unleash. I almost exploded today in the shower I tells ya! At least I'm about 2 stone lighter now

But it's got me thinking. Was this girl for real? Did she get cold feet? Was she faking it and actually a 40 stone fat ugly minger? Was it - shock horror - actually some bloke pissing around? Who knows?

Over to you guys and gals! Have you ever had a certain meet pull out (pun intended) on you at the last moment????

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