SPECIAL MOMENT; but Not what I Expected!  

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2/4/2006 10:16 pm

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SPECIAL MOMENT; but Not what I Expected!

We met some time ago. I have not seen her, for she lives on another continent. I met her on the "bloggs", actually. We talk endlessly about everything, we feel as if we've known each other all our lives, though we have not seen. She asks one day, when I'm going to come see her(thought she would never ask!). I tell her I can take some time off work and come in three weeks.....so we make all necessary arrangements. I fly to the destination where she lives and she meets me at the airport to pick me up. I'm in the baggage area when this extreamly beautiful woman walks up to me and asks, "are you BigChoklat?" I say to her, "however did you guess?" She replies, "well, I just decided to walk up to the sexiest, most professional looking guy in here and take my chances!" Hmmm, I say to myself, "Bob, tell this lovely woman all of the wonderful prizes she's just won!!" Out loud I just thank her for the compliment. She tells me that I have exceeded her expectations of me physically. I tell her that she is the most beautifullest woman I have ever seen. We give each other a hug, she smells like cherry bubble yum.....ooh wee!! As we walk in the parking lot of the airport, we walk towards this amazing Bentley GT convertible, but we end up getting into her ford escort parked next to it. About fourty minutes later, we arrive at this beautiful, elegant estate, draped with plush lawns, breath-taking botannical garden with all sorts of rare things growing in it that I've never seen before, olympic sized swimming pool in the back of the estate. One one side there is a wine vinyard, and on the other, a guest house. We walk along this path that leads to the front door, but when we get to the front door for some strange reason, we keep past, to the guest house...where she rents. She opens the door and we go in. Wow, it is really decorated nicely. The place smells like apple/cinnamon somethin' or other. She shows me to the room where I'll be staying (yeah, right, I'm thinking to myself, won't be sleepin' in this room.) She places my luggage in the room, shows me around the house and tells me to make myself at home, which I gladly do! We go into her living room and I have a seat on the sofa. She asks me if I would like something to drink and I say ok. She says, "what would you like?" I say, "surprise me", so she goes into the kitchen and brings back a glass of milk. Damn, "do I look like a lion cub or something?", I say to myself but being the gentleman that I am, I just say, "thank you." She has herself a glass of milk also, which I find out by-the-way, is goat milk! This must be some kind of custom here. She sits down and we conversate about things for a while. She remarks that she will cook dinner for me later. I ask her what will she cook, and she tells me that she will surprise me with her specialty. Remembering some of our conversations on the phone, I know she can cook because she told me that she's a chef. I ask her who lives in the huge estate next door and she tells me her boss. She is her personal chef. "Aah...its all starting to come together now, I'm thinking." Because of the long flight I'm tired, so she tells me to go take a nap, and when I arise, we'll have dinner and do some things. Hmmm, sounds like a great idea. "I'll go at once!", I say...................Later that evening............I wake up about 8pm and go out front. She has changed into her evening attire, which consists of an extra large long sleeve silk shirt. "Tempting me already", I'm thinking to myself. She asks me if I had a good sleep and I say yes. "Are you ready to eat with me", she asks. I say "yes". Now I do not smell any aroma in the house so I'm wondering what's for dinner. I follow her into the kitchen, all the while looking at her very shapely butt that is taking a peak at me under the tail of the shirt she's wearing! When we get to the kitchen she says, "surprise!" Low & behold, I look at the table and there are peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and more milk! "I can't believe I flew half way around the world for this s#%!.", I say to myself smiling, but out loud I thank her for making my favorite. She tells me that its her favorite too. Hmmm.....this woman is an exotic chef, and this is what she cooks...peanut butter & jelly? If I'm not mistaken, that's not something you have to cook. Anyway, we eat, talk about ourselves to each other then we go to her bedroom lay in her bed and watch television. I lay next to her...she smells good. I start to kiss on her neck, and behind her ear. She gets turned on, I can tell because she closes her eyes and starts to breathe heavy. She turns to me, we start to kiss. Our tongues suddenly becoming one, our passion and lust for each other grow stronger. I slide my fingers into her panties, reaching for her "bush gardens" as we kiss. A musical mellody is playing in my head. That is when I hear this record scratch suddenly!! She forbids my hand to go further by grabbing my hand. She softly whispers to me as if there's a crowd that she is on the last day of her cycle. "Huh, r u fn kiddin' me", I'm thinking. So I say, "that's ok honey, I can wait." So we just lay there watching Scooby Doo on the tv. What a day, I hope the rest of my stay here gets better. Holla.
PS............just a nightmare I had! Ha, ha.

TabithaElectra79 38F

2/5/2006 4:12 pm

I would give you something much better to eat...

caressmewell 53F

2/6/2006 5:03 am

Go Tabs!

rm_bigchoklatdk 45M

2/6/2006 9:59 am

W.W.---- I'm hungry 4 whatever you have to offer me!! Holla.

rm_bigchoklatdk 45M

2/6/2006 10:02 am

Caress--- you're such a great motivator.....luv ya!! Holla.

saddletrampsk 54F

2/6/2006 6:09 pm

what an imagination you have sweety..

rm_bigchoklatdk 45M

2/6/2006 9:19 pm

Oh my dearest Saddle......YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHIN' YET.... holla.

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