What Monday afternoons are made for  

rm_bigbobt1971 45M
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7/18/2006 2:43 am
What Monday afternoons are made for

We what can I say, my sexy friend text me Monday morning wanting some fun. But i had to work. I managed to finish early and we arranged to meet at hers.
She told me to walk straight in and go to the bed room were I was to get naked. I them had to got to the living room but put on a blindfold that was let on the kitchen door for me. As I opened the door she grabbed my cock and led me to a chair that was in the middle of the room. She sat me down and started to rub my shoulders with baby oil. She started to massage my chest. She told me I was not allowed to touch and had to sit and take what was coming. I agreed but was a little apprehensive, (had seen her whips and chains). She then started to play with my cock but just enough to tease me. She sucked it for a just a second and then I could feel her pussy rubbing on my leg, all wet it made my cock bigger and harder than ever. I felt it move over my cock as she rubbed it against her pussy. I could here the porn movie on the TV as she playing with my balls. Then I could feel my cock inside her wet pussy, she moved up and down on it putting it deep inside her. Suddenly she pulled of and I could here the stereo switch on.
She ordered me to remove the blind fold and I could see her stood there with a black dress on, high heels and stocking. She started to dance really sexually in front of me, stroking her breasts and legs like a striper. She started to tease me and when I tried to touch her she told me no touching. She started to strip and flashing her pussy as she bent over, my cock was know throbbing and anted her to play it some attention but she didn’t.

It took two songs for her to come over to me and started to massage my cock, I new at this point she was going to get a real good fuck from me as I was so turned on. Finally she gave in and let me more, she lie on the settee with her legs wide open, I started to stroke her clit and put one finger in her pussy. It was so wet, I had to lick it. As I licked her clit and put two fingers inside her and started to finger fuck her hard. She was moaning with pleasure as I put finger number three inside her. I was still licking her clit and my other hand was massaging her erect nipples. She has the most amazing tasting pussy and I could off licked it all day, but she wanted my cock inside her now.

I maneuvered my body so my cock could go inside her pussy, just putting the head in and teasing her a little. As we kissed and cock got deeper and deeper inside her, she kept asking for it hard, but I was in control and kept it slow and deep. Finally I gave in and started to fuck her hard, my balls banging against her ass, my cock was deep and from her moans and groans I knew she was enjoying it. Then it happened, the little man stopped playing and as I pulled out she took him in her mouth as my cum spurted out in her mouth.

We fucked three times in the afternoon and I can say they were all as good as the first, when she was on top it was going deep and I could see it in the mirror which was such a turn on. This lady is fantastic in bed and when we were not fucking we had so great conversations too.

Great mind, fantastic body, beautiful face and the most amazing eyes. I can’t wait till the next sexy session we have.

We have been in the Hotel, been in the house, now its time for the woods or the beach.

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