Hello all  

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10/13/2005 10:20 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Hello all

Well this has been an interesting week. I've been really busy with school and work. I honestly hate my job but its decent money and its close to home so i can't complain. I mean really who loves there job? I hope that someone out there will see this and help me find a different one, but i'm sure this isn't the best place for that but any help is greatly appreciated. Anyways enough on that... I'm curious how many people on this site are real and are really interested in meeting. Because it has been my experience that there are too few of us really. The amount of crap that you have to go through to just talk to someone is horrific and mind boggling boring. Well its getting kinda late and i have to put up an electric fence so i can shock the crap out of my sisters dog whenever he starts to run away. I'm really looking for to seeing that mutt get shocked!! I know i'm horrible but he is mean and bites the shit out of me all the time. Later.


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