Thoughts on a Spring Morning  

rm_bibi620 45F
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6/3/2005 12:18 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Thoughts on a Spring Morning

No rain here - guess it all fell on Minnesota. lol

I will never understand people - this site seems full of women that are two-faced, single-dimensioned or just plain psychotic. I daresay the men are the same.

How sad that people can be so capricious, self-seeking and judgmental - and, when found out, call the innocent parties needy and clinging - instead of looking at their own behaviour and seeing the flaws there.

To those of you who play your games and justify them by saying 'It is not the real world' - be told now that IT IS. That the pain you cause is real, tangible and long-lasting and that you are spoilt, selfish and spiteful ... oh, and that no-one likes a sore loser.

NightOfPassion2 58M

6/3/2005 10:27 am

I am sorry for the pain you have felt. And yes it is the real world....and there are real people (not all are...believe me).

Since I've been on here...have had my share of tears....some at hearing others hard times....some of them my own.

Real friends should be there....during good times and bad.

And I try to be there for my friends (cyber and real).

redswallow777 48M
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6/3/2005 10:52 am

Bibi, hope things get better for you....

rm_bibi620 45F
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6/4/2005 2:15 am

Thank you all ... very much

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