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7/1/2005 8:51 pm

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I believe that.......

I love sex in all it's wonderful variations, combinations & permutations. I think sex is a basic of life, like food, etc. As a matter of fact, I must rate it higher than food because I've never said, "No thanks, I'd rather eat dinner first."

Don't tell me sex is only for reproduction, not pleasure. A flower doesn't need to be so beautiful just to reproduce a plant. I agree with Georgia O'Keefe that women have the most beautiful flowers on earth, with the softest petals, the most intoxicating aroma & a taste that is the nectar of the gods.

I've had sex with &/or made love with; a man, a woman, 2 women (once), mmf combo (many times), mtf pre-op transsexual woman (once, & what a lovely lady she was), ftm pre-op transsexual man (once, I found her to be a mixed up girl trying to grow facial hair). I've been on top, bottom & every spot in between.

I engage all my senses when I make love; I LOVE the touch of skin, lips, hair, the scent of sex & sweat, the sounds of pleasure, the sights of beauty, the taste of a woman. I believe it's possible to make love & fuck at the same time, a woman can be a whore & madonna at the same time, I think such dichotomies are false. Virginity is way over-rated.

I am firm yet gentle, loving yet not sappy or soft. Dominant does not equal brutal nor does submissive equal passive. I have no fetishes in the sense of 'have to have this' or 'this must be an element of sex', there is no one correct way. I like quickies & hours-long sessions, I love nudity & sexy clothing, I love being on top & the bottom, I love to give & receive all sorts of pleasures.

FUCK is a good word, it can be a word of love. I like to use words like cunt & cock,which I find sexy, instead of silly euphemisms. A breast is too lovely to be called a 'titty'.

Women come in all shapes & sizes with each having their own beauty, each having their own unique sexual pleasures to share. I love them all.

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