a question for all the bisexual people out there  

rm_bi_cols_gal 34F
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6/30/2005 6:37 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

a question for all the bisexual people out there

so heres what I am wondering. I am bisexual, and I seem to find that, in terms of looks, I am more picky about guys (my preferred gender) than girls. I was wondering if this was because they were the gender I lean towards more, or because girls in general are more beautiful of form, or just because I am weird.

So, do y'all find you are more picky about looks for one gender over the other? is it related at all to your preferred gender? Just curious. help me resolve my curiosity.

wyvernrose 38F
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6/30/2005 7:13 pm

well I prefer guys only because they sorry to say are nicer personality wise, looks really isn't a big issue for me.....it is the same things which turn me off if I find them in a girl than in a guy....bad teeth, excessive body odour, that kind of thing....I find in the majority guys aren't as bitchy as gals, bitchiness is a big put off for me.....as is the need for some to compete. overall I have to say I more often come across the physical put offs in the guys, than I do in the gals and I come across the personality put offs more often in the gals than the guys.....

hope that helps


purejoy4fem 46F/44F
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6/30/2005 7:27 pm

Girls are more beautiful ... period

whitelacebra38b 51T

7/6/2005 3:02 pm

I have to agree with purejoy. Maybe i can help you blend the differences.

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