Your Touch  

rm_betabonnie 46F
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10/19/2005 4:27 am

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Your Touch

Your touch the first time
so soft, gentle, tender,
tentative, as if
you feared I'd break,
or run, if you held on
too tightly.

Your touch the second time
possessing, claiming, owning,
taking me, as if
your touch could hold me.

Your touch the third time...
will you hold me with your arms,
or will your mind wrap me with desire?

What will it be this time,
and the next,
and the next?
How long until that day
when our sad eyes meet
across a lonely table
and we know
the last time is now?

How can I trust
when so many have proven
How can I long for your touch
knowing that this time
could be it,
that last, sad goodbye?

I do.
It is enough.

lifeisablast333 53M

10/19/2005 9:45 pm


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