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rm_betabonnie 46F
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10/15/2005 1:36 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What Wows Me

I've seen a lot of profiles recently and gotten a lot of emails. Thought I'd make a post about the ones that make me stop and go, "WOW" for all those curious what Bonnie's looking for.

Men who write me in complete sentences that make sense get at least a "thank you" email back.

Men who don't send me dickpics get a second, third, and sometimes fourth look. There's enough dicks on this site to fill a dick factory to exploding. It's overdone and frankly a little boring. "Ho hum... more dick, yes..." Face pics or pics in sexy but not revealing poses get emails back.

Men with brains absolutely catch my attention. Having a well-written profile, and perhaps a blog make me want to know more and more about the guy. A man who is well-spoken in the written form is generally a man who can communicate well in person too. Though not always the case, I have a hard time picturing myself with a guy who can't throw a sentence together to save his life.

A good sense of humor catches my attention.

A guy not overly focused on physical attractiveness is something I notice. The reason is, these guys are typically party boys with no real depth and are so into themselves they can't please a woman with directions printed on her ass. I've done the pretty-boy frat guy thing. It ain't all it's cracked up to be.

Guys who don't brag. "Muscule-bound love god." LOL... nuff said.

It all basically comes down to that one thing I'm really looking for... brains, brains and more brains. Sci-fi fans a huge plus, and guys who know what IC and OOC mean will get a happy thought or three going in my head. Unix and Linux users welcome.

lifeisablast333 54M

10/15/2005 7:18 pm

Dam girl, your picky......good for you.....I know a guy that fits that bill, And he shaves the hair on his hump, and just got his tooth fixed.....LOL...just funning ya...The Redneck
Linux,really???uuuhhhmmmm I keep hearing good things a bout linux.

rm_betabonnie 46F

10/16/2005 7:49 am

Honestly, looks aren't near as important as brains. I'll trade a super-sexy hotbody for a guy who can carry on a good conversation any day of the week. Smart guys are way more sexy to me.

alex_200mm 57M
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10/16/2005 1:31 pm

Thanks for the post, Bonnie.

I've often wondered why the girls once swooned as soon as I opened my mouth and began to discuss the evolution of tank warfare, or left little puddles on their seats as I outlined the use of Victorian sexual imagery. Why, once I could hardly even begin to talk about the precise reasons why I think the apothesis of Western civilization was reached with the invention of cheese-in-a-tube, before I was thrown down, stripped, and ravished mercilessly by my four female companions, only stopping after they had each had their way with me three or four times that evening.

I had thought it had to do with my attractive paunch, soft voice and grey-going-on-pink hair; now I know that it was my brain channelling out into the ether via my vocal cords. Alas, so many women... so little time to speak...

It seems that all that time that I neglected the gym and instead sat reading light treatises on naval tactics and metaphysics had paid off. But now as gravity begins its deadly work I find that, though my brain is even more attractive than ever, the shell in which it is encased is slowly acquiring wrinkles and other signs of physical age. And this has severely cut into my canoodling time.

But your words have given me hope. I shall persevere with my quest for knowledge. I may even start going back to the gym, just on the off-chance that some women, less enlightened than yourself (and others whom I have had the privilege to know) may be more attracted to a hard-body type. The best of both worlds, perhaps...


PS a closing thought:

AdultFriendFinder itself can be thought of as a MUD, with an IC/OOC component. We meet people off-line but when we correspond in front of others I cannot reveal that I know LadyXXXpollywog's real name, or that she has a habit of squeaking when she becomes excited, or that she has a charming mole near her left nipple. (If there is a real LadyXXXpollywog out there, I apologize for using your name.) So every day here we are forced to keep our on- and off-line experiences separate. And that proves that I know what those acronyms mean...

Outer Limits theme song plays here...

alex_200mm 57M
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10/19/2005 8:46 pm

Ah, Bonnie,

I only wish more women were as enlightened as you.

For years I developed my brain. Calculations? A snap. What happened on August 19, 1942? Chapter and verse. Exquisite Sumatran love techniques? I could (and can) demonstrate, with diagrams... and body contact...

And yet... incredibly, I did not attract women.

They persisted in looking for men with looks, all their limbs, a modicum of hair, and even, regular, white shiny teeth.

It's only now, after my brain has virtually become bulgy with immense knowledge, that I am attracting women. Oh... perhaps it's the visits to the gym and taking up yoga that's had something to do with that...

...or maybe... the blogging...

Who knows? Anyway, perhaps if you gain still more influence, beyond Oklahoma and the Midwest to the entire continent of North America, I will meet these brain-loving women!

Blog, Bonnie, Blog!


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