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10/21/2005 6:41 am

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The moment stretched into eternity as she lay there, her body glistening and alive against the sheets. Her eyes glazed over and soft around the corners, she stared down at the top of his head, buried between her legs. It felt as if the moment would go on and on and on forever, every nerve ending singing that taut, infinite song. His mouth was magic, she thought, working a kind of unknown rhythm that kept time at bay. She was at once aware and unaware of each tiny detail of the darkened room. The candles flickered gently on the dresser, casting a soft glow to the room, to her body, to his ministrations. A funny, tinny voice crooned out an old forgotten tune from somewhere across the room. Her legs felt like lead as she spread them further, inviting him deeper. His moaning increased with the pressure of his fingers inside her as his mouth held the moment and held it and held it. Her breasts heaved as she remembered to breathe, reminded herself to breathe when something snapped within her.

It exploded all at once. Time began again as she felt her body wrack with the spasms of the orgasm. Suddenly the world came into sharp focus and the moment imploded as the magic ceased. For that one moment only, time had ceased to exist. She shuddered once, twice, three times riding the waves of pleasure as the second hand began to crawl again around the glowing clock across the room. The song on the stereo ended. The candles flickered and flared up lighting the room brighter for a moment. The sound of ticking from the clock reached her ears as the blood rushed out from her pounding temples. Her body relaxed as did his. He lay there between her legs, kissing her thigh softly, sweetly, tenderly.

Time, she thought, is the most powerful of magic.

lifeisablast333 53M

10/21/2005 6:02 pm

your smart funny sexy, I like to read your blog, my wife the sex goddess, also likes to read it, and all this time, we have only thought about one thing, what we want to say to you, so here it is
" get those panties down, bend over and take what we have to give you, we don't care if you earned it or not, we want you to get it, and now.!!!!....LOL the Sex Goddess, And The Redneck

rm_betabonnie 46F

10/22/2005 5:08 am

LOL. Thanks for the compliments.

*bends over, waiting for her spanking*

alex_200mm 57M
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10/22/2005 5:57 pm

Fantastic words, betabonnie.

And to picture your face at the top of that body...


Gotta go take that cold shower, be back...

Alex xo

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