Ebb and Flow  

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10/16/2005 9:37 am

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Ebb and Flow

I often wonder why sometimes I'll get all hot and bothered by something someone says and other times someone can say the exact same thing and it doesn't phase me. Sometimes I'll have these fantasies that go on and on for days on end and other times I'm just sitting there wondering why I thought that would ever be interesting to me.

I guess it's because I'm basically two people in one body.

One of me is the thinking, intellectual person who wonders about the deeper questions in life. When she gets in control, I can be the most bitchy, demanding, and annoying person on earth. This isn't because this is how I want to be, it's because she's focusing on the why and wherefore of every little thing under the sun and some things beyond the stars as well. She can't be bothered with anything less than a full and complete round of hard spanking. She _needs_ the spanking more than the other me, although the other me enjoys them tremendously as well. Basically, a good sound spanking is the _only_ thing that gets me out of this mode.

The other me is the sensual, feeling me who enjoys good sex, likes to please the man she's with and enjoys the attentions of a softer touch. She likes spanking too, but for different reasons. For her, the spanking is something that makes her feel sexy and respected. Her body comes alive and she feels every sensation deeper and more fully after a nice red ass has been achieved.

So... which is the real me? Who knows? I'd say it depends on the moment you catch me. Either way, I'd say the key to my heart is in my butt.

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