Camping - pt 2  

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10/11/2005 10:15 pm

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Camping - pt 2

After breakfast you smile mischievously at me and slap my ass hard a few times while I am washing the plates that you're waiting to dry. I gasp and moan softly as your hand makes contact, a guttural rumble from a hunger I know all too well. I look questioningly into your eyes, wondering, "Will he give me my spanking or will it be later?" and "Will he tie me up or not?" and "Will it be here or by the lake? (or both, I hope in my secret mind)" and and and...

A thousand questions run through my head as I distractedly finish the dishes, feeling my pussy growing wet with the tension that this morning's love-making did little to ease. I want it so much that I begin to breathe shallowly, my eyes are big and round, and I feel every nerve ending on every part of my body as if it is sending me an urgent message at every moment. I do not ask, though, because you know and I know that I _want_ to know but yet, I _need_ this stress, this pain, this frustration of not knowing.

The dishes are finished. At last. My body feels like a combination of fire and ice. I am burning from the inside out and my pussy is actually dripping in its desire for you, for your hand, for your body, for everything you are to me and everything I want to be for you. The cool fall wind picks up leaves and throws them against my naked legs, but I do not notice anything but you.

You gently take my hand. My hand feels as if it is an accoutrement I've worn for this occasion, not connected to my body. You pull my hand up to your mouth. You kiss the palm of my hand and gaze into my eyes. An involuntary whimpering sound erupts from my throat and my eyes grow large as you slowly suck the tip of each finger. You turn and beckon for me to follow.

Your feet ahead of me follow something that is not quite a path and definitely not a trail. Brambles and branches pull at my naked flesh, but it only pushes me further towards you, needing what I need from you. You stop before a fallen log. It is not old and decaying, but newly cut, perhaps for the purpose you now intend for it. I see that you have prepared yourself. There are several lengths of rope, a rough wool blanket, and my favorite leather paddle in a neat pile on the ground beside the tree.

You lay the blanket over the fallen log. You pull me towards you slowly and forcefully. You hold me tightly for a moment. You push me gently away from you, reaching out to pinch my nipples. You sneak one hand down to finger my throbbing wet pussy causing me to sigh and whimper. My eyes beg you, plead, do everything but sob for you. I need this and you know it, and you, in your kindness and care for me, are going to give it to me.

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