Not desperate but......  

AggieArgosPilus 43M
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8/18/2005 10:22 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Not desperate but......

I'm not desperate but damn sometimes getting laid is like a full time job. I wonder how many men believe women are way too choosy. I mean how many feel that deep down you are a decent nice guy and a lot of women are totally misreading you. Please only respond if you have a well thought out response. Humor is okay but all dumb ass unintelligent responses will be deleted. This is not a female bash either.

rm_blackhat1952 64M
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8/19/2005 12:04 am

You know you really brought a smile to me about getting laid being a full time job! Sometimes in life it really does seem that way!

Are women to choosy? I don’t think so! Put yourself in their place, when they go out they have a dozen men hitting on them. Some of us can be pretty stupid when we are young! SO here they are getting hit on every 15 minutes. Wouldn’t you pick the best? I would!

I think, and you can take this fore what it is worth, that we should like something more about the women than their looks. Sure looks turn us guys on! No women is beautiful when sick, so you better have more in common!

AggieArgosPilus 43M
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8/19/2005 4:46 pm

You know blackhat I got to admit I never thought about it like that. So what you're saying is the rowdy, ignorant guys are making it hard for the rest of us. It reminds me of something that happened when I was younger. I worked on a job with a group of guys and smaller group of females. Obviously we were trying to sleep with the chicks. Well one guy did sleep with a chick and went back and told the whole fucking plant all the slimy details. The girl was crushed. From that day forth none of the other girls would do it. They would say, "I don't date around here." I never forgave that guy.

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