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4/22/2006 7:55 pm

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What is this strange
word uttered through
people's mouths daily

Do we say it because
we feel the need to say it
do we mean it when
we say it or is it
becoming a habit of ours
to just say it
in return of some attention

I say this unto you;
shall you say it
only when you mean it
for then and only then
the word uttered through
your mouth shall carry
it's weight and open
the gates of love
to your heart

Better you to look deeply
in your lover's eyes
than to say meaningless
words uttered through
a loveless soul

A word said or used too
often shall loose it's validity
and become just another simple
word uttered by many
who read about it and only
crave for a piece of it

Brothers, treat your lovers
with respect for you in return
shall be treated the same
honor them, for they are
princesses in the midst
of a crowded world

Love them with all your heart
for if you don't
shall you only live in the dark
let them break and tumble that
shell of yours and shine
the rays of affection
they are so known for
into your darkened heart

I only speak of this
because I have seen the
effect of the word when
it is meant
and I have seen the joy
it brings the lovers

......Copyright © bessamemucho

__Huntress__ 55M/57F

4/27/2006 5:59 pm

To this day, I still cannot look in his eyes ... for fear he might see what I've tried to hide ... even from me !


SxyCrazyCool 38F

4/30/2006 8:57 pm

That's beautiful..

And so true.. I thought it was an American thing to say the words so easily and on a daily bases.. but they seem to do it here in Australia as well.. Where I come from it's very uncommon to pronounce those words on a daily bases..

I say them rarely.. I don't think I often feel real love.. more often I feel affection, friendship, warmth.. I can express that.

I Love You..

Probably I don't say those words because of the meaning I attach to them.. Saying it out loud makes me shiver and freightened inside.
Say the words too often and they'll loose their special meaning..
Say the words rarely and they'll get so much weight they get more and more difficult to pronounce..


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