Addicted to P***y Juice  

rm_bentbanana7 61M
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7/24/2006 10:06 am

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7/30/2006 6:18 pm

Addicted to P***y Juice

Guys I dont know about you, but I am totally addicted to p***y juice. For the women who say they dont like to have their P***y licked, well sorry ladies you just dont know what you are missing. Its true that some men dont know how to eat properly but its also up to the women to communicate sometimes how and where they want to be licked since everyone has a special way they like it. Eating at the Y is like an aphrodisiac for me. It helps me to give a woman multiple orgasms and prolong foreplay before penetration and it also helps to keep me hard as well in between changing positions which makes for longer sex and more satisfaction. Sometimes its amazing how long the sexual act can be prolonged and enjoyed just by paying lots of lip service to that muff pie mmmmmm. I can usually stay hard for a long time just by going back to the Y. Mmmmmmm just thinking about that is getting me hard.
Being the gentleman that I am, my motto is to always make sure my partner is fully satisfied. My pleasure comes from satisfying a woman. With the use of my tongue and fingers I have to create multiple orgasms before I think about getting off. Maybe thats why I love to watch f/f videos so much, I can sometimes learn a trick or two. Don't get me wrong, I love having a BJ but that to me is secondary to eating at the Y. I love to see the look of pleasure on a woman's face and the glowing effect after those multiple orgasms. If a woman is not good enough to eat then she is not good enough to f**k thats just my opinion.

masterofnasty 51M

7/24/2006 11:20 am

I second that emotion. There is nothing like the look of pure satisfaction on a womans face when your tongue has given her multiple orgasms. I love the way a womans P-juice taste and the way she gets all quivery. The more a woman cums the more I love to eat her out. No matter what way she prefers to have her "P" licked is fine by me. I am the type of man who cannot lick one place without licking the other and I could stay there for a long time and not get tired. Another thing I love to eat her "P" before and after I've had mine. I also use toys and fingers or whatever she desires it makes for a great night of hardcore, marathon, energy draining sex. Fantastic!!!

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