The Ice Queen  

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The Ice Queen

"Dammit, someday I'm going to learn to keep my mouth shut," thought Chad Howard disgustedly. "How and when, though, I'll never know."

Chad, the starting quarterback for the New Haven High School Fighting Tigers, was on his way to detention for only the second time in his life. Chad was a pretty good kid, but he had a bad habit of saying what came to mind before his mind had chance to stop him. Normally, however, his good looks and pleasant personality got him out of most trouble. Today, however, was not one of his better days. The 6'1", 205 pound football player had crossed paths with the wrong teacher, and he was about to pay the price. Or so he thought.

"Hello, Chad, it's so nice of you to join me today. Why don't you take a seat right there", said his teacher, pointing to a desk in the front row. "Yes, Ms. Barely," he said, although the little voice in his head said, "Hello Ballbuster".

"The Ballbuster" is what all the kids referred to her behind her back. Ms. Jade Barely, who taught English and Creative Writing, was called that for two reasons, 1) she was a tough, demanding teacher and 2) she was a knockout. She stood about 5'7" in her bare feet, but the 3 inch heels she always wore made her as tall as most of guys in school. She usually wore a dark business suit to class, although hers were just a tad different than most. She liked to wear her skirts several inches shorter than might have been considered proper. Her auburn hair was always worn up and her makeup was applied in such a way as to accentuate her gorgeous blue eyes. If someone took a moment to peek under her skirt, they would never, ever see her in pantyhose. She abhorred them and always wore thigh high stockings. Her panties, if you could call them that, consisted of either thongs or t-backs that barely covered her pussy, which she liked to keep nice and smooth.

Some of the students also referred to her as "The Ice Queen" because of her regal looks and cool demeanor. What none of the students realized, however, was that underneath her cool exterior, the "Ice Queen" was as hot as fire.

"Well, Chad, it looks like we'll be spending a few hours together today, so let's get started, shall we?" Ms. Barely came around the front of her desk and handed Chad several sheets of paper. "I'd like you to write an essay for me entitled, 'How men should treat women'. The reason for this is because I don't think you how to treat a female. If you did, you would not be here today and we would not be having this discussion. It's to be 3-5 pages long, and spelling and punctuation count. Do you have any questions?" She then leaned back against the desk, slowly crossed one ankle over the other and folder her arms underneath her breasts.

"Yeah," thought Chad looking at the floor, "what are you wearing under your skirt?" He slowly raised his eyes, looking at her long legs the entire time. "Man, what I wouldn't give to have those wrapped around my head." He noticed something that sent a shockwave directly to his cock. "Holy shit," he thought, "she's wearing stockings!" When Ms. Barely leaned against the desk, the side of her skirt rode up and he could see the lace that adorned the tops of her stockings. He continued to stare, unaware that Ms. Barely was watching him.

"Good, he's noticed my stockings," she said to herself. "This may turn out better than I expected." She cleared her throat and Chad looked up, startled. "Um, sorry, Ms. Barely, did you say something?" "I asked if you had any questions, Chad," she replied. "No," he said, "I understand what you want." "Good," she said, "then get started." She uncrossed her legs, a little bit wider than necessary to give Chad a brief view up her skirt. "If you need anything, just ask."

As Chad began to write, Ms. Barely pretended to be grading papers, but she was actually thinking about Chad and how he ended up getting detention. She had been standing in the hallway outside her classroom when she happened to overhear part of the conversation Chad was having with his girlfriend, Sara.

"Come on, Sara" he pleaded, "why won't you do it?" "Because, Chad, I think it's gross and I won't do it." Ms. Barely was intrigued. "I wonder what it is she won't do," she thought. A few seconds later, she knew. "Chad," said Sara looking around, "I don't care if your birthday is coming up or not, I will not let you cum in my mouth. You know I don't mind giving you a blowjob once in a while, but I will not swallow and that's final." Ms. Barely gasped, the image of Sara swallowing Chad's cum flashed through her brain. Chad, furious at her refusal, slammed his locker, grabbed Sara by the wrist and said, "Well then, Miss Oh-so-prim-and-proper, why don't you go FUCK YOURSELF!"

"CHAD HOWARD!" yelled Ms. Barely, "For that ill-mannered outburst, I will see you in the detention office at the end of the day. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yeah, yeah" Chad growled as he stalked off to class, "whatever you say, Ms. Barely."

For the rest of the day, Ms. Barely could not get the image of young Sara sucking Chad's cock out her head. Every time she thought about it, her nipples got hard and began to tingle. When she thought about it this time, however, she was shocked to see her own mouth on Chad's cock. "What is wrong with me," she worried, "why am I thinking of sucking his cock?" "Because it's been several months since you've had a good fuck," she said, answering her own question. And she knew this to be true. The last time she'd had sex was four months ago with Harold, her ex-boyfriend. Although enthusiastic, old Harold was not very good. Ms. Barely had a very vivid imagination and wanted Harold to be more forceful with her, to fuck her brains out like an animal, but, alas, it just wasn't in Harold.

Thinking of Chad having his cock sucked and of her being taken forcefully had made Jade's nipples hard as pebbles and she could feel her pussy beginning to get wet. Jade raised her eyes to look at Chad and thought he was actually a very good looking young man. He had dark hair cut short, an athlete's body with wide shoulders, a trim waist and the greenest eyes she had ever seen. And, she hated to admit it to herself, he had a great ass.

All these thoughts rushing around her brain were making her pussy warmer. She had an almost irresistible urge to touch it, to run her finger up and down the lips and feel the moisture she was making. "Oh, go ahead," she giggled to herself, "he can't possibly see what you're doing." Jade picked up her pen in her right hand and innocently put her left hand in her lap. She shifted in her seat, pretending to get comfortable, and pulled her skirt up around her waist. "Oh, Chad," she said to herself, "if you could only see what I'm doing."

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