My biggest fetish: Boobs  

rm_benjammin681 35M
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6/4/2006 9:31 am
My biggest fetish: Boobs

Alright ... so my biggest fetish is boobs. I'm not quite sure why I'm so attracted to them but I love them. I once perused an article that said the biggest fetish for men was feet. Feet??? What about boobs? Sure ... feet, uh, are great. But boobs just seem a lot more fun to play with.

I've had my fare share of boobs in my life ... from the small to ones where I can barely get my hands completely around them. I like to challenge myself to see how much of just one I can suck into my mouth. Surprisingly, and though some of my friends don't believe me, I've run into hairy boobs.

Ever since my childhood I have just found myself endlessly walking through crowds staring at boobs. In my later stages of maturity I was so embarrassed, worried that I would get caught. I then began the challenge of always keeping my head high and looking only at eye level. Sometimes it would work, most of the times not. I can't recall ever getting caught except with those I was dating ... I would do it for fun ; )

In this day in age there are girls my age and younger who are just flaunting them. It's hard to resist a look. What's even more difficult is that I had a wonderful girlfriend once who was very modest ... she would get upset over the fact of her bra strap showing through her clothes. Since then I sort of have felt upset at people my age not being more modest ... and of course I still stare at their boobs as I'm thinking this.

I know this isn't weird and I'm being just a typical guy, but there are some moments where I wish I could control my urges and resist my fetish. There are just some instances where I can be at the bar when all of the sudden I'm surrounded by boobs and my eyes wander endlessly throughout the remainder of the night. Sometimes it's just so hard to focus! I'm sure some women wouldn't mind putting blinders on men like those on a horse.

Rant rant rant ... can't wait for my next one.

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