some common threads. (Treasure and sex in East Texas)  

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5/11/2006 2:17 pm
some common threads. (Treasure and sex in East Texas)

I really enjoy researching lost treasure just as I enjoy searching for a sex partner. Have about as much luck with one as I do the other. There isnt many lost treasure stories in east texas seems like most are in the west. For an old Bi guy who likes to be on the receiving end of anal sex there isnt much of that in East Texas either.
An example: Recently I heard of a story where two sharecroppers found a box of church artifacts in a boggy area near Kenefick, Texas. This suposedly occurred in the 1930's. As the story goes the two black sharecroppers had been hunting in the Trinity river bottom when they chanced upon an old chest sticking partway out of the mud on the edge of a backwater slough. They couldnt get the chest out so they left and later returned with some rope and a mule. They passed the rope over a limb a attached one end around the chest and tied the other to the mule. Needless to say when the mule had lifted the chest part out of the mud the rope slipped off and the chest fell. It broke open and they say golden crosses and chalices encrusted with jewels fall out and fall into the water.
They tried to retrieve the treasure but the water was too deep. Not wanting to give up they decided to enlist the help of the landowner. According to the story the landowner hired a diver but never recovered any treasure.
Since Kenefick is only about an hour away I drove there to do some on the ground research. From oldtimers that lived in the area I learned that in the 1930's blacks werent allowed to live in Kenefick. I also went to a nearby reasearch library and research the local papers during that time period and there was any mention of a diver doing a search in the area. Just another local fable...
Thats is similar to last month's experience on AdultFriendFinder. I had been contacted by a guy who said that he really liked to have sex with older men. He was well hung and could go for hours. A TREASURE! After several emails we agreed to meet in a nearby town. After waiting for an hour and being unable to reach him on his cell phone I decided I had come upon another fable ( NO TREASURE HERE. But just like the research on the treasure was fun so were the preliminaries to the meeting.
For awhile I dreamed of finding the church treasure and for awhile I dreamed of sucking and being fucked by a 7" dick.
Sometimes it is not the finding but the looking.

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