Treasure eludes me once again.  

rm_bendover936 72M
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6/11/2006 3:13 pm
Treasure eludes me once again.

Spent the weekend alone, which really wasnt a problem. Got to do some coin hunting, not much luck just found a few pennies and noe that were really old. did find one steel penny though. My hunt for a good hard dick to work my tight brown hole over wasnt even that good. Contacted a few guys and made them an offer that i thought they couldnt refuse; but alas they did. Sure would be nice to be twenty and have a bubble butt. Or an 8" dick that stayed hard for hours on end. Butt I will just have to work with what i have. You that lemons into lemonade stuff. But the weekend was good even if I didnt find a $20 gold piece or get to sit on an 8" dick. I still had fun. It was a comfortable weekend.
But I have been researching a story of a cave in the Wichita Mtns near Ft Sill that i am going to try and find next time i go to Oklahoma. Supposed to be full of outlaw treasure. Maybe i will get lucky but I'll bet the looking will be fun anyway. I have the area narrowed down to where a couple of days looking will be all i will need. Maybe i will really get lucky and find a big dicked soldier that likes tight brown holes and that needs some tension relief.
I'll let you know if i find it right after I start putting gold coins on ebay. So wish me luck and you have fun.

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