Sometimes it is the finding  

rm_bendover936 72M
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5/21/2006 12:48 pm
Sometimes it is the finding

When I first got hooked on metal detecting or treasure hunting I was working in western oklahoma. I had a good friend(not that kind) that had been doing it for awhile. He liked to find where there had been an old house and search for old coins. Anyway he telked me into renting a metal detector and going on a trip with him. We went out to where this old ranch had had been. There wasnt any buildings left just rocks where the foundation had stood. We had to guess where the the front yard had been and he decided to search there. I turned the detector on and began looking around the old foundation. In just a few minutes I got a strong signal and when i dug it up there was glass jar that contained 27 silver dollars. boy was I excited. Needles to say as soon as we got back to town i bought a detector. That was several years ago and i havent found anything that good since then. But that find was really great. Kinda like the luck I had about two years ago. I met a guy on outpersonals. Seemed really nice so we decided to meet. We met at a motel in Baytown and he was really great. Had a good sized dick and knew how to use it. That was a good find too. Would like to have that afternoon over again. The pic is him fucking me. It was great but unfortunately it was a one time event. Kinda like finding the silver dollars. I can relive it in my mind but that just isnt as good. But who know my next find may be even better. I might find some $20 gold coins and I might get some more great dick. I will keep looking for both.

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